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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Cartoon Nails It

Boy, if this Oliphant political cartoon doesn't accurately describe Romney's desparation over the past few days, nothing does:


These past few days, Romney has been playing to the crowd that was so outraged by a mosque bgeing built at Ground Zero (by the way, I've been there -- you can't see any mosque -- it's blocks away).  And he thinks this will help.  Well, sure -- if you think you can win by catering to the far right.


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Look, I think Romney is a huge tool and what he said shows douchbaggery of the utmost levels, but I question anyone who spends MORE time talking about his fuck-up than they spend talking about what is actually happening in Libya. The media that are dwelling on this incident are no better than he is. They are using this to draw viewers just as he hoped to use it to draw voters. Am I the only one who sees this irony?

Now, can we please talk about how we are going to help the people in Libya foster democracy? Or maybe take a moment to honor these people who died in service of our country and in support of democractic ideals?

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